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Welcome to Crabapple automotive where we keep you on the road for less, staff honest mechanics, and care about your vehicle’s needs!

Can you imagine the last time your vehicle needed a simple service or gave you an uneasy feeling about driving it anywhere? you probably took it to the dealership and ended up either spending a lot of time, or spending a lot of money.

Well at Crabapple automotive, we are passionate about saving you money, and more importantly, saving you time!

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At Crabapple Auto we hire ASE certified mechanics who have an extensive knowledge about anything on four wheels. It would take less time to tell you what we can’t do to help your car but here’s what we specialize in:

Emissions Testing
– For $20 we can test your car’s emissions and direct you to one of our mechanical experts if there are any reasons to why your vehicle didn’t pass.

A/C Repair
-There is nothing worse than having A/C problems in the middle of the summer or heater problems in the middle of the winter. Luckily you have spring and fall to prepare for these hard times. At Crabapple Automotive, our skilled mechanics will give you control over your comfortability in no time!

Tune Ups
-A tune up is a needed part of your car’s life-long maintenance. With a tune up we will typically replace your spark plugs, give you a fuel system service which is cleaning out or replacing any worn parts of the fuel system, and adding an ethanol treatment so your car runs good as new!

Transmission Repair
-At Crabapple Automotive, our goal is to provide the reliable and affordable transmission repair service you deserve. No matter the state of your transmission, we pledge to work our hardest to get it running again. And if we determine that your transmission can’t be fixed, we’ll work to have it replaced in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on excellence in all we do, and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust.

Tires & Alignment
– If your tires are bald, need to be rotated, or you need that doughnut you’ve been driving around on replaced, you’ve come to the right place! We have competitive prices on tires and labor that comes with realignment so you can save on regular maintenance.

Oil Changes
-Every 3,000 miles or every three months, an oil change is needed for your vehicle in order to extend it’s useful life and save you a fortune on future repairs and services. If you are the type to drive longer than that because your car is fine, it can go a few hundred more miles… we highly recommend the investment on regular maintenance that can save you thousands for the future.

And so much more!
Call us! or better yet, bring your car in for a check up and we’ll let you know exactly where your vehicle is in it’s life and how you can prepare for the future!


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