Steering & Suspension

Steering & suspension need to be checked annually for maximum efficiency for optimal tire wear and safety. Alignments should be done to extend your tire life. Shocks, struts, rack and pinion, tire rods, power steering pumps and hoses, ball joints, bushings are an integral part and need to be checked annually or according to your vehicles maintenence book.


A shaft on which the wheels and wheel bearing mount.

Steering Knuckle

A type of ball joint located at the end of each tie rod.

Steering Linkage

A system that connects the steering wheel to the front wheels thus allowing the vehicle to be steered.

Tie Rod

The linkage between the steering rack and knuckle arm.

Tie Rod Ends

Grease fittings or ball joints on the ends of the tie rods.

Pitman Arm

A lever extending from the steering gear to which steering linkage is attached.

Power Steering

A steering system using hydraulic power to ease steering, almost all modern vehicles feature power steering, though many lighter performance cars don’t because not only is power steering not always necessary, but it can also ruin the “feel” and general feedback between the tires and the driver.

Pressure Plate

One of the major components of the clutch assembly, the pressure plate is forced by springs against the clutch disc which then causes the engine’s power to be transmitted to the various gears of a manual transmission.

Rack & Pinion

A steering system in which a round pinion gear turns against teeth cut out of a flat rack.


A metal shaft that is turned by the engine, which, in turn (pun intended), rotates the wheels.

Ball Joint

A moveable joint which is part of the steering linkage. It allows the front wheels to move, and when they go bad, you’ll notice symptoms from poor steering response, to noticeable clunking going over bumps and potholes.


Hard metal, antifriction devices which are found between two moving parts. They are often lubricated with grease.

Bell Housing

The metal unit behind the engine that holds either the manual clutch assembly or the torque converter of an automatic transmission.